About Me

I am a systems engineer for an internet infrastructure company headquartered in Northern VA.  I design, build, and integrate provisioning systems and sub-systems supporting the operational functions of global DNS resolution. My current areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Software builds & release management
  • Operating environments (FreeBSD and Solaris)
  • Source and binary application repositories
  • OS and application provisioning

I was inspired to create this blog after getting involved with FreeBSD and having little luck finding documentation related to the projects I was working on.  From a user standpoint, FreeBSD is quite well documented.  However, as I got more deeply involved, I found that nuts and bolts documentation was hard to come by.

My hope is that I can document various aspects of my projects and work with FreeBSD that will help others to accomplish similar tasks with their own work and/or hobbies.

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